David Lightman

Hacker extroadinaire, experienced at tackling AIs bent on world domination


Following your successfully preventing world war three, NORAD took you on to rework the WOPR protocols. You worked as a consultant, coding and interfacing with the AI Joshua. When the project was scrapped for the top secret Stargate project you and your team were excluded from the Cheyenne Mountain complex.

You set up your own IT company and things were going well until SkyNet came online. Your experience with WOPR was handy and you managed to save a lot of lives, and disable a number of terminator drones in that first attack.

Your skills with computers and lo-tech hacking have been invaluable in helping he resistance. The ability to break into SkyNet systems, and reprogram terminators has allowed the leaders to use terminators to fight for the resistance.


David Lightman

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